Confidence, Transparency, and Candor: A Credo of Badassery

Some of you will find this hard to believe, and others will know exactly what I mean when I tell you that people can be intimidated by my message and my personality. In other words, my “Badassery” can be a deterrent for those who don’t understand where it comes from.

Is that you? Do you hear what I’m saying, but don’t quite understand the power behind the message?

Well, I’ve been at this for a while and the constant question that my team swirls around is this: how do we take this big, bold, high-level Maverick posturing/persona and communicate on a level of pure, rich connection? In other words, how do we help others to really understand its depth of our message and why does it matter so much to have that connection?

It comes down to this: As a Chief Inspirational Officer, I’m focused on the development of people by unearthing their values, talents and self-worth (aka self-esteem).

People matter. Self-worth matters. Time matters. When it all aligns, everything works.

I wake daily with the desire to assist others and help them understand that THEY MATTER. It’s as basic as that.

Through working with so many people at varying levels in life, by being a part of the human resource industry, serving on numerous boards of directors, being asked to being a part of starting a company, rebrand another and by launching my own, all of this has guided me to my perfect source of service to others. Helping others gain self-confidence.

Why does that matter?

When we have confidence we tend to move forward faster, stop overthinking, take bigger actions, and get things done.

When I stopped questioning WHY and moved into the next steps of WHAT I could do to help others get there, everything changed.

Yes, I speak at what I refer to as “high level,” I’ve actually titled it as “Maverick status,” meaning I tend to come from a “very big thinking” posture. Most of this is simply how I’m wired. My #1 strength is being futuristic. I’m naturally always thinking of the possibilities and “what ifs” and clearly seeing being at the top of the mountain. I don’t really worry about how I’ll arrive, and just know that I will get there. No excuses, no apologies. If you’re not this type of person, it can actually be a little difficult to believe and connect with what I’m saying.

That disconnect is due to differing levels of confidence, which is something that I have not only built my brand upon, but my also my life. I’ve learned over the years that my strength comes from my confidence. But the biggest value piece in all of this is to help you understand why confidence matters and the impact it has for you. It’s fueled up the ‘Badassery’ that I mention here.

My own confidence is fueled by power and influence. I thrive when I’m set in in a room of powerful and influential people. I guess I see power as strength. So, to align with powerful opportunities, powerful people, powerful initiatives, it simply gives me strength.

Let me be that strength for you.

If you are someone who has a desire to grow, stretch, and challenge yourself, this “Badassery” is meant for you.

Maybe today you don’t feel like a Maverick, but you know that you’re a champion deep down and want to bring that forward to stand taller, believe bigger to do more and be more. Don’t judge it, don’t shy away from it, step up, come forward and learn more.

As I type this, one of my team members just sent me this visual and it seems appropriate to share with you here, now:

Ultimately, my product is people.

I’m called to challenge people to develop their personal power, defined as their value, talents and self-worth. When we tap into this personal power, we understand the depth of our being. We gain confidence, we become better at leading ourselves and ultimately others. When we do this, we perform at higher levels. When we perform at high levels we achieve more, we do more, we become more. I’ve always wanted more for myself. I want more for others. That’s just me being me!

I’ve built this brand to make an impact.

When you impact someone by developing them as a champion, we all win.

I love champions, I love people, I love power, I love performance but for all the right reasons.

I’m the most grounded and faith-based person you’ll find. I trust that if this message has resonated with you, that you will reach out and learn more. Let’s do this together and see what happens.

Marlo - xo